Body Composition Analyzer Machine

Human body composition analysis machine can detect the various constituent elements of human and analysis the situation of human health. Apply to hospitals, beauty clubs, sports research centers, institutions.
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Body composition analyzer working theory

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The body composition analyzer provides a comprehensive view of body composition balance, like body water, proteins, minerals, and body fat, which are the important components of the human body closely relate to the status of our health. Then database using quantitative analysis information to analyze, these elements of body composition will be very helpful to show the customer's body health condition.



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Voltage: AC90-265V.
Controller: 320x240 digital screen in Chinese and English
Testing weight range: 10-200 Kg.
Size: 51x82x117 cm
Weight: 40 Kg

Application areas

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Body composition analysis using bio-technology, the various constituent elements of human to human health situation analysis. Apply to hospitals,beauty clubs, sports research centers and sports fitness, and other places. So that people can correct body to assess their situation. Which have such functions, such as human-body elements analyse, muscle fatness analyse, obesity analyse and health assessment.

Advantage of our body analyzer machine

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1.using principles of human biotechnology.
2. 8 Point -electrode contact: There are two parts of each electrode used to measure the human body's elements and also to be used to measure the elements in various parts of the body's resistance value in accurately.
3.Use of multiple regression analysis of the frequency and increase the scope of testing to enhance accuracy.
4. Implementation of intelligent control, touch-operation; visualization application interface, allowing users to learn easy, safe and easy to operate.
5.Can store up to 120 complete historical records.
6. The structure of a clear, easy to install and easy to maintain.
7.The results of the analysis in order to be able to approach the output statements to clients.

Payment Terms & Shipping Methods

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About Us

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SEA HEART GROUP LIMITED is a professional manufacturer of beauty machines.

We have three factories produce professional beauty machines and home care beauty products like: Diode Laser Hair Removal System, Long Pulse machine, IPL machine, Mesotherapy machine, Hydra dermarbasion machine Skin analyzer machine, Microneedling Therapy products and so on.

We have our own Research and Development center, we have the ability to customize machine as customers requirements.

Due to the good quality, we have been certified by European CE, ISO13485, Medical CE and RoHS.


We participate in many famous exhibitions in the industry, for example: Dubai Dermatology, Turkey Beauty Eurasia, Russia InterCHARM and so on.


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