Hiemt Muscle Machine

Hiemt Muscle Machine

2021 Newest HIEMT Muscle Machine Emsculpt Equipment ​
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Product Details

2021 Newest HIEMT Muscle Machine Emsculpt Equipment 

HIEMT Muscle Machine description 

It's a 2 in 1 machine for muscle building and fat loss

HIEMT Muscle Machine with 2 handles and the two handles can walk at the same time.Real Lie for 30 mins=5.5 hours exercise.

It's for the arms, legs, hips, abdomen


Application of HIEMT Muscle Machine

1) Women:
① Hip: can raise hips, and help change to sexy hip.
② Private: restore the tightness and elasticity of privacy and regain happiness and joy.
③ Belly: non-invasive technology to improve the separation of rectus abdomen.

2) Men:

Extreme muscle training beyond the limits of muscle movement, building muscle and reducing fat, improving abdominal muscles, easy to have abdominal muscles and mermaid line with this machine.


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