Medical Plasma Pen Needle for Spot Tag Removal

PLASMA PEN is portable plasma device to remove spots, freckles, pigments, aging spots, and lighten all spot areas and reduce visible skin pores without hurting the normal skin/without blooding and pain free.
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The SEA HEART Derma Roller System is manufactured in accordance with ISO/CE standards. The microneedles are sterilized with gamma radiation and sealed in a hermetic pouch and are guaranteed to be 100% contaminant-free upon delivery.

The Derma Roller uses mironeedles made from non-allergenic medical grade steel so there is no possibility of an allergic reaction to the device.The process is completely natural , safe and extremely effective.


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PLASMA PEN is portable plasma device to remove spot, pigment, skin tag, moles, wart, syringoma etc, and improve wrinkle, scar. If generating the electricity of High frequency between a stable ions of surface of skin and an unstable(labile) ions in the air, spark is emerged. Treatment area is burned(carbonized) by that spark without side effect, and then thermal energy is made. Beauty Monster uses low power and suitable frequency for its purpose of beauty care, even safe and no side effect emerged.


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Power supply: 110~240V, 60Hz
Rated Output: DC 24V 1A
Size (Excl. Tip): 16cm
Weight: 50g
Gift box size: 18cm(w) x 7cm(D) x 11cm(H)
Weight (Incl. Gift box): 480g
Basic component: PLASMA PEN , Tip I, Tip II, Adapter, Pouch, IFU


Safe Notifications
001 (1)* After the procedure, stay away from the sunlight and spa for 3 days.
* If callus is formed, be careful that it does not fall off.
* Try to let the callus fall off naturally. If the callus is intentionally pulled out, it may leave a scar.
* For deep lesions, take time and perform multiple sessions. Do not try to finish the procedure in a single session.
* When using the probe, do not let it stay in one place for too long, always keep it moving during the procedure.
* When using the tip, operate shortly, several times and do not let it stay in one place for a long time.




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Adopting Ionization of carbonization technology, Non-ablative treatment and Fast healing process.

Stainless steel point light pen is non-toxic, hygienic, and not easy to rust.

How to use

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Holding the freckle pen gently, removing freckles back and forth and do not stay in freckles for a long time, so as not leading to carbonation.

Sweep horizontally is the best, so as avoiding burning the skin. and then wiping the burned black pigment with a cotton swab.

For black freckles near the eyes, it is recommended to carbonize 3-5 times to ensure safety.

Avoiding charging when the product working.

After Using

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Please removing the needle promptly, conducting the cleaning and disinfecting and keeping it in dry.

If not used for a long time, product should be charged every 3-4 months .

Do not tear off your crust and let the crust fall off in a natural way in order to avoid infection.



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- Easily usable & operable RF device with the same effect of CO2 laser
- Lightweight pencil type & easy handling
- Low power & low frequency
- No side effect


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Standard carton box


Within 2-3 working days


Door to door(DHL/TNT/UPS/FEDEX/EMS…), By air, By sea



SEA HEART Group Limited is a professional manufacturer of beauty equipment,including derma rolling system, HIFU,OPT IPL, RF & E lights, laser lights, Skin&body Analyzer,LED lights and slimming machines. We have been manufacturing equipment for some Top Medical Groups from Spain, Korea and Germany with the term of OEM since the year of 2003.

Our company has got independent import and export rights. Thus, we can distribute several kinds of equipment to clients globally. Some of our, , products have got European CE, ISO9001:2001, ISO13485:2003 and other certifications.

After more than 10 years of development, our products have been widely recognized by international customers from all over the world, such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America.

Our Services/Warranty

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We have a strictly quality inspection department. Our engineers will carefully check and test the machines many times before we deliver them to you. To make sure you can get the high quality machines, only the machines that have passed the strict quality inspection can be delivered to you.

1. Exchange only within 7 days from the purchase .
2. Wattanty for 1 year after purchase
3. Warranty is applied for the products only with the original certification
4. Service on following conditions are available with cost regardless of the warranty period
-Damaged by user's carelessness
-Machine was personally modified
-Damaged by natural disaster
-After warranty period is over

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