Plasma Pen Pigment Removal

Plasma Pen Pigment Removal

PLASMA PEN is portable plasma device to remove spots, freckles, pigments, aging spots, and lighten all spot areas and reduce visible skin pores without huring the normal skin/without blooding and pain free.

Product Details

2020 professional plasma pen pigment removal

plasma pen pigment removal 

Work principle

It is portable plasma device to remove spot, pigment, skin tag, moles, wart etc, and improve wrinkle, scar. If generating the electricity of High frequency between a stable ions of surface of skin and an unstable (labile) ions in the air, spark is emerged.

Treatment area is burned (carbonized) by that spark without side effect, and then thermal energy is made. Beauty Monster uses low power and suitable frequency for its purpose of beauty care, even safe and no side effect emerged.

plasma pen for skin tightening

Removal of moles

Be wary to distinguish the mole extent when removing the mole, some moles grow on the surface of the skin and the root grows in the deep skin tissue. Do not break the surface of the mole all at once when using an electric needle, it's best to use a small square area for burning. If there is a deeper mole, not only to avoid inflammation after processing, it's best to apply a nutrient cream acting like living cells 2-3 days before the wound is healed. This prevents dents in the skin. When applying the nutrient cream, you should pay attention to the wound and it should not suffer from inflammation, if it does, then do not wipe it.

plasma pen for skin tightening


   Skin lifting. Spot removal.Tattoo removal.Granulation removal.Freckle removal.Scars removal.Eyelid lifting.


1. The use of the latest technology ,microcomputer control,safe ,convenient ,fast.

2. Easy carry and easy operation.

3.Lower level is used on spot and freckle.

4.Strong level is used on mole and skin tags.

5. Unique electric ion technology,the use of the process will not make people feel the  existence of electric current ,no bleeding.

    Removal spot without huring the normal skin.  Remove spot without blooding.

6. Plug-in, cabinet and convenient to carry, charge a time to work more than five hours.

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