A creative way of beauty

- Aug 02, 2019-

Microneedle beauty is a invasive way of beauty, so microneedle beauty has a certain degree of side effects.

Microneedle treatment in the standard operation generally has no long-term side effects, but after the operation of the face is usually red, the performance of a little more obvious will have mild bleeding symptoms, but generally 2-7 days can completely subside.

It is worth the beauty of the attention of the united states, microneedles must not be self-purchased to operate, because the current self-operated microneedles are difficult to carry out strict disinfection, while the injection of needles irregular, it is easy to lead to severe inflammatory allergic reactions and some serious side effects.

In fact, some beauty lovers have done microneedle beauty destruct is because the informal microneedle beauty has brought some serious side effects:

1. Needles can irritate damagetothe epidermis, damage the skin's self-protection barrier, and also cause subtle traumatic inflammation, which can lead to skin needle infections

2. Microneedle injections stimulate the body to excretion to protect the skin edema, rash erythema, starting bag, puffiness and bruising.

3. Microneedles will be normal skin difficult to absorb the beauty components directly into the dermis, there is the normal physiology of the skin, skin irritation is difficult to completely avoid, damage the normal metabolism of the skin, resulting in false skin sensitivity.

4. Microneedle components are impure, complex, quantity will cause subcutaneous capillaries rupture, red blood wire exacerbation, local stiffness, clumps and other side effects. Microneedles are invasive tools, operations need to be operated in regular hospitals, if improper operation or disinfection, will cause bacterial infection.

In order to better avoid the side effects of microneedles, under the guidance of skilled professional doctors at the same time to take ACME-TEA to generate too much nutrition, can effectively avoid the possible side effects of microneedle beauty.

ACME-TEA produces too much repair of skin damage caused by high-density skin punctures, while avoiding postoperative reactions such as post-injection erythema, bagage, swelling and bruising and persistent allergic reactions, and resists skin damage and side effects caused by the surgical procedure during the repair period. Promote collagen and elastic fiber hyperplasia, from the inside out to make healthy skin reborn.