Comparison of manual microneedles and electric microneedles

- Jul 22, 2019-


Microneedles are usually divided into manual and electric categories: the small rollers we often see belong to the first traditional type of manual microneedles, which are often called roller needles

The advantage of manual microneedles is that the equipment is simple and the project is easy to carry out. (This is also the reason why many beauty salons, studios and even individuals do microneedles), of course, the disadvantages are also due to more manual operation, into the depth very much rely on the operator's techniques and experience, strength and methods are not well-mastered on easy to cause epidermis damage, damage the skin barrier.

The second type of electric microneedle, as the name implies is the electric hair force microneedle, because the electric needle action is fast, so also called "flying needle."

Compared with manual microneedles, electric microneedles are uniform, fast-forwarded and fast-out, epidermis damage is small, repair fast, and can be precisely adjusted according to the need, the microneedle penetration depth, so that the treatment is more accurate;

Depending on the skin condition and therapeutic purposes, microneedles also have different therapeutic depths, generally between 0.20-2.5mm - according to the individual's skin condition to choose different thick needles general process is: clean - dressing - rolling needles - applying drugs (growth factors, whitening, anti-decay and other efficacy components) - rolling needle - cleaning - Apply the medical beauty mask - waiting for repair (about 2 to 7 days, during which the face will be red and swollen).