Dermapen Vs Dermaroller Vs Dermastamp

- Nov 17, 2020-

Dermapen Vs Dermaroller Vs Dermastamp: How To Choose

If you want to add a microneedling device to your skin care routine, you are probably wondering if you should use a dermaroller, dermapen or dermastamp. Even though these micro needling devices are similar, they do have their own advantages and disadvantages.

derma roller:

The original tool used for microneedling treatment was a dermaroller - a drum-shaped handheld needling device. Nowadays, the standard version of a dermaroller has a plastic cylinder with 192 stainless steel or titanium needles, and has to be rolled manually over the skin in multiple directions.

derma roller 540 titanium

Derma pen :

The initial microneedling tools evolved significantly over the last decade. Derma pen (other names: micropen, microneedling pen, needling pen) is an upgraded version of a derma roller. In particular, it's a smaller device that looks like a thick pen, and instead of the needle cylinder, the derma pen has replaceable single-use needle cartridges consisting of 9 to 36 small needles.

1Derma stamp:

This tool is a hybrid of dermaroller and dermapen. Just like the name suggests it, derma stamp looks like a stamp tool. Instead of a cylinder that has to be rolled, derma stamp has a round, square or rectangular-shaped flat tip covered in tiny needles and a handle. Because the surface of the derma stamp is flat, the device has to be vertically pressed (stamped) into the skin. Unlike dermarollers that create angled puncture wounds that may cause micro tearing of the skin, derma stamp creates vertical wounds and allows more precise and even treatment of the skin.

DS140 - 03 - 750.500

All in all, by now you should have a better understanding of skin needling tools and the difference between dermapen vs dermaroller vs dermastamp. Regardless of which skin needling device you choose, you can address various cosmetic facial issues and see visible improvements with regular treatments. Equally important, before purchasing a microneedling tool for home use, do your research! 

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