Electro-perforated beauty instrument evaluation: tightness activates the skin

- May 26, 2019-

Summer is coming, wrinkles, skin aging, melanin precipitation, erythema, acne and other issues have come, when we are still busy complaining, busy choose sunscreen, busy running beauty salon membership card, did not think that a light and small beauty instrument can easily solve the skin's various troubles? We don't have Lin Zhiling's counter-growing face, but we can have a god that allows us to grow in reverse.

Beauticians recommend long-term skin nutrition and moisture to maintain 40% to 50%, in order to maintain a healthy skin, ease aging. In the beauty instrument, the beauty fluid quickly penetrates into the deep skin, skin moisture test pen measured at this time the skin's nutrient moisture content as high as 86.2%, the inside and outside of the skin is full of luster, smooth and elastic, healthy and dynamic.

After a week of using beauty instrument, and the comparison before the use of a significant change, dark circles significantly reduced, look more spiritual, skin more smooth, skin color brightness has also been greatly improved, ruddy water ingenuity, health from the bottom hair, full of youth and vitality.

Electroporation Needle dermapen .001