Female must-have godware - hair removal device

- Oct 21, 2019-

Hair removal is a small electrical appliance used to remove body hair, the current market hair removal is mainly "female hair removal device", used to remove hair, leg hair and other parts of the indecent hair, help women dress up. 

Unlike men's electric whiskers, the epilator does not scrape off the body hair with a sharp blade, but uses a "clamp" to root out the body hair. The epilator can uproot hairs as short as half a millimeter through several high-speed rotating wheels, resulting in a long-lasting and thorough effect, and the skin can remain smooth and smooth for up to four weeks.


How to use it:

1) Use a epilator to push the head at a right angle to the skin and in the direction of hair growth.

2) Before removing the hair, massage your arms and legs with a massage bath to make the sweat hair stand up. Hair removal begins 15 minutes after the hot bath. At this time the skin is soft, pores are stretched, the pain will be minimized;

3) After hair removal will also pay attention to moisturize the skin with some soft lotion.

Maintenance Code:

1) Wash the head frequently, but take special care not to let the blade get hurt during cleaning. You can use a brush to remove debris along the blade and spray it with a cleaning and disinfection lubricant to keep the blade sharp.

2) The head should be close to the skin in order to achieve the best results. When used, the angle of the head and skin is best maintained at 90 degrees, so that the head can get close to the skin unobstructed, in order to achieve the best defurry effect.

3) The most common way to clean the head is to rinse with clean water. When using water to rinse, the knife body is best not to touch water, so as to avoid machine failure. If you are using a wet and dry dual-use product, the base part still does not come into contact with water to avoid damaging the motor.

4) Please do not use the power-hungry electric epilator, reluctant use will cause the motor internal wear and tear.