Micro needle efficacy, micro needle beauty package how to avoid beauty risk?

- Jul 03, 2019-

Risk Averse One: Redness, Foaming

The foaming is due to the rejection of the injection needle, the appearance of anti-foaming phenomenon. If the injection needle is temporary, the injection needle can be dissolved by the accompanying repair factor.

Solution: Take microneedle matching ACMETEA dissolved injection injection, repair damaged cells, inhibit hyperplasia.

Risk aversion II: dry, dim, spot, etc.

The cause is that the repair cells after surgery can not start normally, the damage dissalined cells, so after surgery dry, dim, spot, etc. caused by the side effects.

Solution: By using the accompanying ACMETEA nutrition to stabilize the cell structure, stimulate collagen fibroblasts resuscitation.

Risk Aversion III: Collapse, Bump, Skin Necrosis

This situation is a more serious microneedle side effects, there are two possibilities, microneedle depth different technical problems, two is because of the recipient's own body cell regeneration of insufficient nutrition and collagen regeneration confusion, so that postoperative repair out of control, and collapse, irregular proliferation and some cells serious lynostic caused by the skin necrosis of the uneven, Therefore, not the end of the upside down, pay attention to the internal service only results.

Solution: pay attention to the 20 days before surgery, 3 months after surgery early, late each supporting ACMETEA, each 12 grams.

Risk Aversion IV: Facial Expression Stiffness

The procedure touches the nerve and may also damage the facial nerve.

Solution: Supporting ACMETEA cell growth factor, repair damaged nerves.

Risk Aversion V: No effect

This situation is more common, in this first statement is not caused by surgery, the main reason is that the recipient of collagen nutrition, new cell nutrient regeneration rate is not high and no method to reflect the effect.

Solution: Strictly follow the doctor's instructions according to their own situation reasonable and perfect repair nutrition.