Microneedle surgery to care for this way

- Oct 03, 2019-

Microneedles, also known as roller microneedles, belong to the middle embryo layer therapy. Using microneedle-like devices to pierce or roll on the soft tissues of the skin, in a short period of time to make more than 200,000 micro-pipes, micro-pipes at the same time to the skin needs of nutritional drugs, so as to achieve the body's anti-decay and skin tissue cells of the new.

Postoperative care of microneedles is critical, poor care can affect the effect, but also may have side effects such as skin thinning.

After surgery, the skin will be red for two to three days, but red will be day by day light. Areas of aggravated treatment will be red for longer periods of time, and other areas may fade away one day.

Treatment day do not wash face, the next day began to wash face in clear water, at least 3 days without makeup, preferably 7 days without makeup (including isolation. Bb. CC. Foundation, etc.).

Moisturizing repair products must be used, skin red time can be less coated, conducive to loose red, skin after red moisturizing products need to be used more, conducive to recovery.

The mask can be done once a day for three days after surgery, followed by two to three times a week.

Within a week the skin will feel brown, may have a slight peeling, local may take some acne, are normal, the skin is still in the recovery process. After a week the skin will be much better, the effect will slowly come out.

After surgery must strengthen sun protection, a week skin has not recovered well, the skin is more fragile, ultraviolet stimulation will damage the skin, delay the recovery of the skin. It is recommended to physically block the sun, wear a mask sunglasses umbrella, etc.

Microneedle treatment effect and the doctor's operation has a lot to do with, to a certain extent, the effect and the degree of injury is proportional, so do not pursue the postoperative not red, no feeling is waiting, that effect will not be obvious.