Microneedles that look good, which people are suitable for?

- Jul 29, 2019-

1, there are old pox printing, acne pit, and with a lot of skin care products can not improve the population, can be repaired by microneedles, acne printing.

2, relatively dark, pale, tired and even edema skin, in order to go through microneedle plastic to help live oxygen skin, help the skin to improve the dull condition.

3, skin slack, sagging, aging, skin elasticity decline and other symptoms, in order to improve the skin through microneedle plastic, restore elastic gloss.

However, the above conditions of the population is not suitable to do, poor blood coagulation mechanism, nervous system disorders, scar hyperplasia skin careful use, pregnancy, lactation and menstrual prohibition, protein and metal allergy to use with caution. Poor skin self-healing ability, microneedle frequency is too high, interval time is too short, will affect the effect or subsequent skin condition is worse.

Microneedles are easy to operate, so many people will choose to do it at home? But is this really possible?

Although many people will tell you that it is feasible and that there are success stories, I still don't recommend it because the risks are still too great.

First of all, disinfection, regular hospitals will usually high-pressure bacteria-free, UV lighting disinfection, their own operation at home, see bloggers are using alcohol disinfection, obviously this sterilizing condition is not enough.

The aseptic operation process requires a very strict. Second, the operational aspect, need professional judgment. For example, what type of microneedle is used? What is the depth of the microneedle injection? How big is the area of microneedle trauma? Do you want to use a linen? Believe that most people at home, operation is difficult to control, and the follow-up skin management, product use, but also to consult professionaladvice.