Precautions for the use of epilator

- Nov 02, 2019-

Precautions for the use of epilators:

1, early shaving

In the day before the use of epilator need to scrape off the skin hair, otherwise the light of the epilator can not hit the root of the hair follicles, will directly affect the hair removal effect, and when using the epilator there will be a hair burned smell.

2, vertical skin

When using the epilator must be the light outlet to the hair removal site, vertical tight skin, if not fully tight or not vertical enough to cause light leakage to hurt the eyes.

3, avoid duplication

When using the epilator must not be repeated in the same area repeatedly repeatedly, which will cause damage to the skin, may cause red spots or blisters.

4, avoid tattoos

If there is a tattoo or wound must be avoided, this part can not be epilated, because the principle of the hair removal instrument is to allow light to act in the follicles of melanin to make it hypnotic, but the tattoo or darker skin color area will gather a large number of melanin, so the use of hair removal device will affect the skin itself.

5, pay attention to sun protection

After hair removal should pay attention to strengthen sun protection, so as not to remove hair removal site because pigment ation blackened, so the best hair removal time can be selected in early spring, if summer to remove hair when go out must be smeared with sun protection with a parasol.

Clinically applied hair removal instrument bands are mostly located between 694 and 1200m, can be well absorbed by melanin in the hair follicles, while at the same time ensuring its penetration to the depth of the follicles.


Compared with the efficacy, the efficacy of semiconductor laser and various strong pulsed light is basically close, and the effect of long pulsend Nd:YAG laser under the same number of treatments may be slightly worse than that of semiconductor laser and strong pulsed light. The ideal pulse width range for pulse-width laser hair removal is 10 to 100ms or more, making it safer for dark-skinned people to even increase the pulse width to hundreds of milliseconds.

Energy density is an important indicator of hair removal effectiveness. The higher the energy density, the more effective the hair removal, the longer the effect, but the high energy is more destructive hair follicles, but also more likely to cause adverse skin reactions, but also more painful.

Professional epilating instrument's energy density is 10 to 60J/cm 2, the insufficient energy density only makes the hair follicles slightly damaged, hair from the degenerative period to the end period, resulting in temporary growth delay, but not long-term hair removal.