Skin detector: measurable skin quality, unfathomable age

- May 22, 2019-

As we age, the skin of the human body ages naturally. Watery, elastic skin is the pursuit of many people, but what is the state of their own skin? Skin testers on the market claim to be able to test skin age and analyze skin conditions. The skin also has an age? Experts in an interview with this newspaper, said that there is no medical "skin age" said, however, the skin tester can test the texture of the skin, including tightness, water content, etc. , by comparing with the skin state of their peers and to obtain measurement results, has a certain degree of credibility.

Medical no "skin age" said, can test the skin texture

Skin analyzer  (2)

Reporters visited several large shopping malls found that before the purchase of skin care products and cosmetics, many business waiters will recommend the first skin test, to determine the age of the skin, skin condition, etc. to choose the right products. A brand counter clerk introduced, skin tester focused on the skin to expand many times, can see the skin's capillaries, moisture and pore distribution and other conditions, and now there are skin tester through the digital photo after computer analysis methods, from wrinkles, pores distribution and skin moisture to determine the age of the skin.

A doctor who did not want to be named, the dermatologist of Sanjia Hospital, told reporters that the skin age test is not used in the clinic, the skin tester itself is not a medical device, and the skin tester test should be the skin texture, including pore condition, oil out and cutosphere thickness, rather than "skin age."

Lun Wenhui, director of the dermatology department at Beijing Ditan Hospital, said that from a medical point of view, there is no "skin age" to say that skin trauma will also regenerate later, so the skin age is difficult to clearly reflect the skin condition. But the skin texture can be tested by a skin tester.

Experts told reporters that the change in skin texture and age is related. In addition, many factors in the natural environment can also cause changes in the texture of the skin, including physical, chemical and biological factors, such as environmental humidity, lighting conditions and their own degree of skin care.

When tested with a skin tester, Len explained, it could reflect the state of the skin, dryness, skin elasticity and inflammation, "but it's hard to determine the age of the skin by testing only local skin."