The good skin you see is actually rolling out

- Sep 01, 2019-

Ordinary applied skin care products, skin absorption rate is only 0.3%! Microneedles solve the problem of the difficulty of absorbing nutrients from the skin, and pierce the skin to reach the embryo layer in the skin.

Legendary "rolling" out of the skin-skin god - micro-needle

Is it really true?

"Do I have a pox hole, is it useful with microneedles?" "

"I have red blood, is it useful with microneedles?" "

"Is my pores thick and useful with microneedles?" "

It's all over! Yes! Use!

Nearly all-round beauty project - microneedles

The most intuitive function of microneedles is to:

In the skin opened up the channel of effective nutrient stothing, nutrients can be directly into the middle embryo layer by the skin to absorb.

In addition, because microneedles are traumatized on the skin, they stimulate the skin's self-healing function, allowing the skin to be more tight, pore to shrink, improve circulation, stimulate collagen rebirth, thicken the skin to improve sensitivity.

And according to the use of essence and drug, the role of microneedles are also different: whitening, shumin, acne pits, stretch marks, etc. , can be produced through microneedles.