What are all the instruments in the beauty salon?

- May 14, 2019-

Skin detector

From the point of view of the skin detector, everyone in the beauty salon, the staff will not immediately recommend some beauty projects, but will first give everyone to test the skin quality of what is missing, to see what is missing from everyone's skin, so that we can be targeted to recommend, so that everyone's beauty process more effective, More suitable for everyone's own skin. And if a beauty salon does not have a skin detector, it will give a very unprofessional feeling, after all, even for professional beauticians can not guarantee the effectiveness of the skin detector.

Water rehydration meter

In this case, a beauty salon to add a few more skin detectors is very necessary. Say to play a water rehydration meter, in fact, the main reason is that many skin problems appear for the fundamental or water shortage, that is, in daily life, did not give the skin to replenish sufficient water, and the skin once the water shortage, such as fine lines, dry, acne and other conditions will run out. Therefore, to solve the skin problem, we must first add enough water to the skin.

In the beauty salon for beauty, the rehydration meter is a good performance in the rehydration instrument, the use of water rehydration meter people can find that their skin in a short period of time become quite watery and shiny, and this is only a more necessary step in beauty, when everyone through the rehydration meter and other items, Beauty will also be better. As for the sprayer, in fact, its effect is similar to that of the steamer to some extent, but the difference is that when using the sprayer, we can feel the feeling of moisture in the face.

This way in the water on the effect is still more prominent, especially in the case of the skin is relatively missing, to the beauty salon to do more than a few times to rehydrate, and then with the beautician's beauty steps and beauty techniques, you will find that the state of the skin is much better. That's why many people call the use of sprayers when they go to the salon. Even some people who value skincare buy their own water rehydration meter and do a beauty before going to bed at night. It can be said that the development of science and technology on the one hand to improve the quality of life, on the other hand, but also to the beauty has brought significant changes.