What do you need to pay attention to after microneedle surgery?

- Jul 07, 2019-

The principle of microneedle beauty is to use the microneedle roller on many tiny needles, stimulate the skin, in a very short period of time microneedles can make more than millions of micro-pipes, so that the active ingredients effectively penetrate the skin, with wrinkles, whitening, repair, stretch marks, scars and other special effects products, so as to achieve reduced wrinkles, treatment scars and stretch marks, skin whitening , reduce color spots, improve eye wrinkles, dark circles, tighten and enhance facial skin tissue and other ideal effects.

After finishing will not immediately have an effect, to see the effect of a week or so, because the early inflammation will be a bit swollen, but also have a absorption time.

1, in order to achieve a good treatment effect, the doctor may be required to give the treatment site after surgery advanced repair procedures, please consult the medical staff follow-up treatment details

2, two weeks after surgery do not overmassage kneading, and avoid high temperature and hot environment, not to be exposed to the sun for a long time, note the need to ban alcohol, avoid sauna or vigorous exercise, while not rubbing hard injection site.

3, after surgery repair 60 days oral microneedle supporting ACMETEA, twice a day, each bag, each bag of 12 grams, according to individual needs to extend the use of time.

4. No drinking and spicy food

5, after surgery do not use their own ointment, maintenance products or makeup wipe the treatment area, and do not touch the treatment area with your hands to reduce the chance of infection.