What is diode laser hair removal

- Oct 26, 2020-

Diode laser hair removal technology is based on the selective dynamics of light and heat. The laser goes through the skin surface to reach the root of hair follicles. Light can be absorbed and converted into heat damaged hair follicle tissue, so that hair loss regeneration without injury surrounding tissue.

With three wavelength

Diode laser 808nm
Using the treory of selective optical absorption, 808nm can be preferentially absorbed by the melanin of the hair. And then the hair shaft and hair follicle are heated rapidly in order to destroy the oxygen-supply orgnization and around the hair follicle.

Diode laser 1064nm
New experience for specialized darkeer skin hair removal 1064nm laser, 1064nm wavelength hair removal treatment will be safer especially for dark skin, skin rejuvenation, performance well, and strong power cooling function, treatment comfortable and safe,It is for dark sin type patients.

Diode laser 755nm
The most popular 755nm diode laser which replace the solid state alexandrite diode laser and have a more comfortable treatment, It is effective for melanin to absorb 755nm diode laser, This characteristic is good for villi hair removal when people use 755nm diode laser treatment handle. And the treatment time is getting shorter. It is effective for white or golden hair.