What's the difference between a semi-permanent tattoo and a traditional tattoo?

- May 29, 2019-

Tattoos believe that everyone knows, so what is a semi-permanent tattoo, what is the difference between semi-permanent tattoo and traditional tattoo? That is certainly different, exactly, semi-permanent tattoos are developed from semi-permanent eyebrows.

Traditional eyebrow pigments do not fade, and as the body's metabolism and pigment properties change, it will change color, forming a strange red or cyan color.

Semi-permanent tattoos, semi-permanent tattoos will fade

The color and technique used in the semi-permanent eyebrow snare makes the semi-permanent eyebrow gradually fade after one to two years without side effects. Because of this semi-permanent feature, some people wonder if this technology can be used on tattoos.

That's when the semi-permanent tattoo came out. Like semi-permanent eyebrows, semi-permanent tattoos fade over time.

Semi-permanent tattoos, semi-permanent tattoos are popular with women

Because the semi-permanent tattoo pattern is simple, it looks fresh and beautiful, so many girls like to have some simple chic patterns on their wrists or ankles. With the popularity of tattoos, this non-mainstream form of tattooing is more popular with girls.

Steps for semi-permanent tattoos

1, tattoo situ skin cleaning and disinfection

The use of dew first to the skin, and the use of physiological saline foamed cotton tablets to clean and disinfect the skin. Wipe back and forth.

2, determine the tattoo pattern

After determining the pattern, first put the sticker on the application site, apply the transfer oil using transfer oil to transfer the sketched pattern to the tattoo site, about 5-8 minutes, you can fix the pattern.

3, fixed tattoo border

The spare tool machine plus needle (1P/3P/5P) can use a 1P needle to frame the entire contour line of the tattoo pattern (equivalent to a brow frame) for easy operation.

4, tattoo with needle way

In the pattern, the lines are very small, use a single-pin operation. Ballpoint pen trace size lines using three pins in operation, larger lines or a piece of the site on the use of round 5 pins to operate.

5, tattoo color ingacolor order

First black, then other colors, color material is semi-permanent eyebrow lip color material, mainly black, red.

Semi-permanent tattoo, semi-permanent tattoo has faded period 

Due to the nature of semi-permanent tattoos, semi-permanent tattoos are not suitable for large-scale tattoos, only for simple patterns. Semi-permanent tattoos are faded, fading patterns are incomplete, so if you are more concerned about the fading period, it is not recommended to do semi-permanent tattoos.