What's the difference between a tattoo machine and a tattoo pen?

- Jun 06, 2019-

Tattoo machine and tattoo pen in addition to the appearance is obviously different, their construction and transmission methods are also different, tattoo machine summarized as a traditional tattoo machine, also known as coil machine, it is the use of electromagnetic principle, through electromagnetic driven coil spray and suction action to make the needle to achieve up and down operation.

Tattoo pen transmission mode for the motor, it is through the motor to drive the drive rod, and then drive the needle mouth up and down running, the force is more average. And the two machines use needles are different, the traditional tattoo machine needle handle long, needle is relatively cheap, the needle of the tattoo pen is short, easy to replace, the price is slightly more expensive.

Both machines have advantages and disadvantages, the traditional machine into the needle color good control, do light color transition nature, do the traditional large area color easy to master. The disadvantage is needle change trouble, adjust machine trouble, machine is too heavy, not good control, and is divided into cutting line fog two kinds of machines, work at least need 2 or more machines.

Tattoo pen because there is no shrapnel buffer, so the strength of the piercing skin is relatively strong, do light color easy to have needle marks, need a certain skill and time to adapt, but the body is light, easy to change needles, an excellent tattoo pen can be competent for a variety of styles.

And tattoo pen is also the future trend of tattoo tools, after all, relative to other, easy to operate, improve the efficiency is the trend.