When it comes to microneedles, you need to know this!

- Aug 08, 2019-

How microneedles work:

Microneedle therapy is also known as the middle embryo therapy, the skin has 3 levels, the surface, dermis, subcutaneous tissue, the skin's middle embryo layer is located between the epidermis and the dermis.

Microneedle beauty plastic is the use of microneedle roller ultra-micro needles, high nutritional active ingredients directly to the desired skin tissue, so that the skin quickly absorb, play a role, activate cells, promote skin metabolism, produce efficacy, let our skin return to a healthy state.

Microneedles are equivalent to opening countless small channels on the skin surface, making it difficult to penetrate the layer of skin care products, easily into the internal function.

At this time, if targeted use of some repair, whitening, plaque, anti-aging ingredients, these ingredients can directly reach the target position to play a role.

Furthermore, when microneedles stimulate the skin to form a wound, it is equivalent to giving the skin a signal: it's broken and needs to be repaired. Stimulates the skin's ability to heal, promotes the formation of new skin tissue, accelerates collagen proliferation, in order to treat concave scars (such as pox pits), remove fine lines.

Key features of microneedle therapy

1, does not destroy the integrity of the skin structure;

2, quickly establish a large number of skin micro-pipes, direct transport of the required ingredients to the best position of the skin;

3, can stimulate the ability of skin self-healing, promote skin metabolism, effectively activate cells, repair damaged tissue.