Will laser technology remove hair permanently

- Nov 20, 2020-

Will diode laser technology remove hair permanently?

Laser treatment can either permanently reduce the density of the hair or permanently remove unwanted hair.

Permanent reduction in hair density means some hairs will regrow after a single course of therapy and patients will need ongoing laser treatment.

Permanent hair removal means none of the hairs in the treated area will regrow after a single course of therapy and no ongoing laser therapy is needed.

Whether hair is removed permanently or just reduced in density is influenced by:

the colour and thickness of the hairs being treated

the colour of the patient’s skin

the type and quality of the laser used

the competence and training of the person operating the laser.

However, if you have grey hairs, which have no melanin pigmentation, currently available lasers don’t work.

There are professional laser hair removal machine with new technology!

Fiber coupled diode laser hair removal

fiber coupled diode laser hair removal machine

755nm 808nm 1064nm diode laser hair removal for all skin type

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