Derma Pen Electric

Derma Pen Electric

Derma pen A6 is run electronically that vertically pierces the skin to produce nature collagen and elastin. The absorbency of skin can reach above 40 times, and improve acne scar more than 50%. The recovery time is usually 24-48 hours and the skin looks refreshed and healthier in a week's time.

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Best price rechargeable acne scar removal A6 electric derma pen


Derma pen electric

What is Derma A6?


Derma Pen A6 is a portable automatic micro needle Derma Rejuvenation Therapy. It is a Non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment which is widely used for skin rejuvenation, enhancement of skin elasticity,wrinkle reduction, acne scar reduction, stretch mark reduction, stimulation of Hair growth,whitening and administration of active ingredients.This device helps cosmetics to be penetrated and absorbed with stimulating the skin.

Derma pen electric

You need not to buy a new one every time.Just replace the needle.Needle length is adjustable from 0.25mm to 2.5mm.It is more convenient to treat narrow areas such as nose, around eye or mouth.Besides,the vibration speed can be controlled in 5 levels.

Derma pen A6

Derma Pen Features


a. five different high speed 

b. easier to operate in small part or radian.

c. more quickly and efficient than manual MTS Micro-needle

d. adjustable length of micro-needles(0.25mm-2.5mm)

e.Because high-speed vertical movement to reduce pain to a minimum, there is no cross-infection, using a one-time disposable needles. 

Derma Pen Advantages13产品详情11

A. Visual and noticeable improvement in a few days from the first treatment.

B. Short healing time. C. No permanent damage or injury. D. No bruising, infection, discoloration or other complications. E. Extremely high absorption of any active ingredients. F. Almost all skin types can be treated. G. thickens the dermis without damaging or removing epidermis.

Derma pen electric

Derma Pen Functions

13产品详情111. Wrinkle removal 

2. Pore shrinking 

3. Skin rejuvenation 

4. Skin moisturizing 

5. Anti-aging & stretch mark removal etc

Product Structure


Derma pen electric


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