Derma Pen Professional

Derma Pen Professional

Derma Pen Microneedle Beauty Korean Dermapen Needles Professional Microneedling Pen Dermapen

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Derma Pen Professional Microneedle Beauty Korean Dermapen Microneedling Pen Dermapen

derma pen professional

Microneedle Derma Pen Dermapen Features: 

1. AWAKEN YOUR RADIANCE- Can be used to exfoliate, use on face, forehead, head, neck, nose, scalp, chin and other body parts such as abdomen.

2. AFFORDABLE QUALITY - Treatments with a professional are expensive. With weekly or bi-weekly use, you can achieve your skin goals for a fraction of the cost! Looking your best has never been this affordable.

3. SIMPLE OPERATION NO SKILLS REQUIRED - Home use/office use, easy and convenient operation.

4. INCLUDED: One Pen, 2 Cartridges (12 & 36 Pin), Rechargeable Batteries, Wall Charger, Manual, Box.

5. DO NOT USE on open wounds, irritated or bothered skin. Discontinue use immediately if issues occur.


Derma Pen Applications:

*  Stretch marks
*  Acne- and surgical scars
*  Wrinkles and anti-aging
*  Ice pick- and chickenpox scars
*  Treating or reducing cellulite
*  Enlarged pores
*  Lack of firmnes
*  Age spots & sun damage
*  Under-eye bags
*  Hair loss
*  Hyper pigmentation



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