As The Lonely Economy Meets Beauty Products, Inmit's Latest Report Reveals Three Trends

- May 15, 2019-

First, when "Lonely Economy" meets beauty products

The global economy is beginning to recognize the rise of single consumers and their spending power, including the beauty industry. These consumers choose to be single and are happy to engage alone. Especially in China, this consumption trend is a major shift for a community-based society with a long history.

This new lifestyle and thinking pattern will have a deeper impact on the beauty industry, and when singles become the norm, consumers of beauty products become more confident and autonomous. They see beauty products as a means of self-satisfaction to achieve self-fulfilment, especially for single consumers who want to be seen as not succumbing to social norms and pressures.

Second, elegant aging, from face to head

The Asian beauty industry has unlimited possibilities, and brands may be able to cater to consumers of all ages who seek to prevent or address anti-aging issues, said Du Lei, senior analyst at Inmit Beauty Products. "Today's consumers start anti-aging beauty treatments in their 20s in the hope of prolonging their youth and slowing down signs of aging. According to market research, one-third of Chinese beauty products aged 25-29 are interested in makeup products with anti-aging claims. "

Third,Saving more time for "Sleeping Beauty Queen"

Inminter refers to some of its consumers as the "Sleeping Beauty Queen" with the only goal for them: to simplify the beauty process without compromising the final outcome.

"Micro-facelifts" such as semi-permanent brows, plums and eyelashes are becoming increasingly popular in Asia. These semi-permanent beauty treatments are becoming increasingly popular with consumers today, especially given that they require a very short recovery period and a longer duration that can help them save their daily make-up time. According to the survey, 27% of Chinese female consumers have tried semi-permanent eyebrows or eyeliner.

Beauty brands are also opening up beauty solutions to cater to the needs of the Sleeping Beauty Queen. For example, earlier even on the micro-blogging hot search of the "all-in-one make-up machine" - only need the consumer to wash the face to fill the water gently into the face, ten minutes to get a simple makeup. Although the technical limitations can not be implemented on the ground, but can smell the "lazy economy" era of business opportunities.