CO2-dot Laser Beauty Instrument

- Oct 04, 2019-

The principle of treatment

Dot matrix laser is the latest and hottest skin beauty technology in the last two years and the world's most-watched skin beauty technology. In Taiwan it is called flying shuttle laser, and the interior is called dot laser. Dot matrix has both the rapid and significant effect of invasive treatment, but also has the advantage of small side effects of non-invasive treatment, short recovery time, and combines the advantages of both.

This technology in the scarring, especially in the treatment of hyperplasia scars, acne scars and stretch marks, is proud of similar products. Landmark patented technology, dot matrix laser use, so that laser scarring more safe and effective. Each treatment takes only a few tens of minutes and does not affect the work and study life.

Not only that, dot laser in acne, wrinkles, plaque also has excellent performance, the original spot scattered into dozens to hundreds of smaller spots, laser action point can go directly to the dermis, not only to ensure the integrity of the skin keratin layer, avoid damage to the skin epidermis, but also deep penetration of skin, stimulate the growth of tissue collagen , but also promote collagen recombination, but also because the conical hole constrictor repair will promote the skin people have a clear rich and tender effect, so that the skin becomes delicate, smooth, elastic, so that the skin to get qualitative improvement.

At the same time, the dot laser breaks through the limitation of traditional laser skin change, which is a breakthrough in the field of medical optics. Dot matrix is only a laser emission mode, dot matrix laser will be a single wavelength of the laser in the form of a moment array of microcomputer beam sending out.

There are up to 5 rectangular shapes (round, square, rectangular, diamond, triangle, respectively) suitable for different parts and different skin treatment.

"Adaptation range"

1, skin benign tumors, hemangiomas, bleptomass, sweat tube tumors, epidermis, traumatic scars, various warts, etc.

2, remove fine lines, wrinkles, reduce head-up lines, improve pores large, tight skin, improve skin loose, freckles old spot, macula and other stubborn color spots and skin pigmentation.

3, burns, surgery and other residual scars

Product Advantage Features

1, with the laser use time and system use time accumulation, can detect the operating status of the system at any time

2, the system after the reservation of the setting function, to meet the individual needs of the operator

3, dot matrix sparse density adjustable, dark adjustable, up to 11 kinds of scanning graphics selection, free choice of different sizes of a variety of graphics scanning, graphics library rich

4, unmatched soft tissue stripping technology

5, reduce the heat trauma of surrounding tissue

6, quick recovery

7. Stimulate deep collagen regeneration

8, scan mode adjustable

9. Scan beam density adjustable

10, pulse width adjustable

11, parameters can be saved

12, equipped with automatic alarm system

13, retain all the original functions

14, no supplies

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