Derma Pen's Powerful Beauty Features

- Jun 06, 2019-

Derma Pen is a medical device that uses 11 microneedles to open vertically on the skin (FDA approval) that causes less attack on the epidermis than previous devices and therefore reduces pain, making it a device that can improve the skin more safely.

Derma Pen can improve wrinkles, small wrinkles, and restore skin elasticity.

The drug penetrates faster because it uses sharp edges that allow for deeper holes. Mechanical vibration, can be adjusted in 0.25mm in units of the opening depth, while the delicate treatment, needles are extremely fine, the skin wound is small, compared with other previous treatment, its characteristics are very fast recovery.


Repeated treatment can obtain good results, can be the patient's skin elasticity lift, restore youthful vitality, trauma healing, improve wrinkles, small wrinkles, improve stretching scars and so on.