Even The Automatic Makeup Machine Came Out.

- May 10, 2019-

Are you a hand-scraper forever with bad makeup? Is it too much to be lazy to even 5 minutes of daily makeup? Always catch up with the trend do not know how to make up? Now we finally have a savior! Foreo has a makeup deaco - MODA 3D automatic digital makeup machine! Who would have thought that this once only imagined and sci-fi movies can possible in the divine instrument turned out to be a reality! !

With 3d inkjet printing technology, makeup can be sprayed on to the face in just 30 seconds! 30 seconds! Finishing the makeup is so simple - you finally have the most efficient and intimate private makeup artist . . . ( 3D inkjet technology, this is simply the face as a canvas to draw it ! . . )

The steps for makeup are as follows:

The first layer: isolation plus sun protection second layer: foundation, highlight, trim third layer: eye shadow, blush, lipstick (can not afford this automatic make-up machine sisters, usually can follow this step make-up)

What do you think? Is it a big heart? Edit i although I also want to move as well as action, but "wallet-style micro", really want to hand the words also slightly distressed - but the price has not been announced, sisters can properly save silver.