Function Of Microneedle Therapy System

- Jun 01, 2019-

Microneedle therapy helps to dilute wrinkles and spots, improve skin texture, adjust skin tone and increase skin elasticity, so that you shine bright lying people, return to youth.

In the general traditional method, active nutrients can only penetrate into the barrier layer of the epidermis (i.e. the cuticles layer), the effect is not significant (only about 0.3 percent of the effect).

In order to solve this problem, scientists have developed microneedle therapy after numerous studies. This microneedle therapy can effectively improve the permeability of nutrients, through the skin epidermis and dermal cells, the effect is particularly significant, is the nutrient delivery method of scientific and technological skin care new special effects.

In addition, microneedle therapy beauty stimulates the wound self-healing ability of the dermis layer, thus stimulating the skin, promoting bone collagen proliferation, can make the thickness of the skin epidermis increase about 8 percent, microneedle therapy beauty effect can be comparable to laser and filled type of surgery.

Microneedle therapy has the advantages of safe and reliable, and diversified functions. (beauty; slimming, hair regeneration, etc.) its advanced nature can be parallel edathed with beauty therapy, by foreign medical beauty peers as "Mesomate" that is the United States plastic companion. So microneedle therapy beauty is the preferred method of skin anti-aging anti-decay.