Hair Removal Instrument Manufacturer Training Courseware

- Aug 31, 2019-


1. Hair removal

The principle of hair removal: light acts deep in the follicle, extracts melanin and decomposes melanin. The effect is equivalent to uprooting the hair to achieve the effect of permanent hair extinction.

Hair will be encountered during hair removal:

(1) Maturity

(2) Growing up

Our instrument light is aimed at the hair effect of growing hair, so the customer should be shaved before epilating. The energy of each beam of light is limited, if not shaved, the surface hair will absorb the light, so that its remaining light completely does not reach the depth of the hair follicles, affecting the hair removal effect, will also aggravate the skin pain.

How many times can be removed to be determined according to the customer's skin color and hair color, what kind of hair off?

White skin and black hair take off normal 3 times to achieve the hair-loss effect.

Dark skin and black hair is also easier to remove is the customer pain is strong, generally also three or four times can be removed clean.

White skin and light-colored hair This is more difficult to get rid of, hair color is lighter do not absorb light, it is more difficult to get rid of, generally 5 to 6 times can completely hair.

Lip hair and facial hair difficult to remove, need 8 to 12 times or so

On sweating:

Hair follicles and sweat glands are relatively close, but not a system, the light of the instrument for black has a role, sweat glands do not contain any melanin, so absolutely will not affect sweating, can give customers an example: our hands and feet are hairless can not normal sweating.

Hair removal 6 times a course of treatment, because the hair follicles recovery period is 21 days, hair growth cycle is about 28 days, all intervals 21 to 28 days, try not to exceed 30 days.

Two small questions that customers will ask:

Long not long: will grow some small fluff, does not affect the aesthetics

It doesn't hurt:

(1) There is no pain in the body,

(2) Slightly tingling under the armpits,

(3) Sensitive parts: bikinis, front and back hair lines, lip hair pain

Precautions after epilation:

Can't sauna

You can't sunbathe.

Avoid 3 days spicy food.

Shower gel cannot be used for the first three days, and perfume and sweatgel cannot be used under the armpits for one week.

Such as the recent use of honey wax hair removal or use of hair removal paste customers will be a month before opt-off (honey wax and hair removal paste on the hair follicles are harmful, need to repair the follicles before doing it)

2. Skin

The principle of skin tenderness: Light acts deep in the skin, stimulates the new arrangement of elastic fibers and collagen fibers, is a process of increasing collagen and activating cells.

Effect two groups: (1) skin dark yellow (2) not absorbed

One thing these two skins have in common is severe water shortage.

Three benefits of tender skin:

Shrink the pores

Brightening skin tone

Deep cleaning

White spot

Skin 6 times a course of treatment, once a month.

Customers with severe water shortages can change to once a month after four times their skin has improved. Skin will be more water-scarce after the skin, it is recommended to use 5 to 8 days to replenish the surface membrane.


Plaque principle: Extract melanin in the body and break down melanin.

E light for freckles

Classification of spots: (1) Qualitative spots (dot-like spots, which belong to genetic types) can be thoroughly

(2) Indeterminate (yellow brown spot, butterfly spot, pregnancy spot) (laser treatment)

(3) Old Age Spot (Laser Treatment)

Plaque is a therapeutic type of project, the treatment time is longer, in the process of 2 to 3 cold gel. Do the skin red, spot color deepen. The darker the number of spots, the more easily removed, the number of individual customer spots will increase, it is normal.

Spot3 times a course of treatment Summer January 1 winter repair function is poor 45 days 1 time

Notes after doing:

To finish the plaque needs to be cold sprayed to the skin color normal

Do not touch water before you do it.

After the knot, to supplement the surface membrane.

The first three times the spot is done with the whole face, and the focus is on the spot.

4. Treatment of acne:

Acne principle: high calorie, high energy, anti-inflammatory sterilization, acne has a therapeutic effect.

Acne is also a type of acne, adolescent children we do not treat, treatment scope for post-pubesan acne, adolescent development due to uneven distribution of hormones in the body caused by the long acne later will repair themselves.


Full face of pus, pox:

(1) Improper cleaning

(2) Squeeze by hand, inflammation

(3) Endocrine disorders

Severe 15 days once, twice after once a month, 6 times a course of treatment.

Clear acne is key, must clear the pox out of the transparent liquid, transparent liquid called lymphatic fluid. If you clean up the unclean acne will become more serious. First clean up the day to paste an ice film, the next day to operate the instrument.

5. Red Blood: Belonging to the Auxiliary Project

Red blood filaments are divided into silk, and plateau red two kinds.

It is an OPT supplement, difficult and more painful.

(1) Wash your face with cold water

(2) Low energy to do

(3) Use with repair products

6 sessions, once a month, can not give the customer commitment to the package.