How The Facial Care Instrument In The Beauty Salon Works

- Oct 29, 2019-

The vast majority of female friends have more or less skin problems, their own home to do regular care can not be solved, had to turn to beauty salons and medical institutions.

But women friends who have never been to a beauty salon have doubts about the many beauty salon facial sacpers, do not understand how they work, and dare not easily judge whether they are safe and effective. What is the effect of the facial treatment instrument in the beauty salon?

Generally speaking, the facial treatment instruments of beauty salons are mainly divided into phototherapy and cleaning. Light therapy instrument refers to the high-frequency medical beauty light exposure to the skin to improve the skin and skin problems, mainly divided into infrared, E light, laser and so on, the effect of skin beauty mainly includes whitening, anti-inflammatory, acne, tender skin and plaque.

The cleaning instrument is mainly to clean the pore garbage, remove the black head of the nose, reduce the pores, gradually improve the case of acne inflammation and the probability of the occurrence of closed acne.

As long as consumers go to a trusted reputation-friendly beauty agency, they use these salon facial treatment instruments are big brands, very safe, do not have to worry about side effects and beauty effects.

If you don't have beauty experience, you can start with an entry-level care instrument to clean the face stacked with and toxin waste, and then gradually transition to the use of laser instruments to skin, so that the skin also has a basic adaptation process, not too much irritation of the skin.

Beauty salon project services are generally made up of skin care instruments and massage two parts. First by the beauty technician for the customer cleansing and do basic massage, with the strength of the finger to clear the facial lymphatic circulation, accelerate the blood circulation in the facial capillaries, so that the face of the feeding more smooth, combined with essential oils and products, so that the skin more watery and detailed.

Compared with massage techniques, the instrument has a stronger therapeutic purpose, allowing customers to gradually improve various types of skin problems through the treatment of different instruments. Because of this characteristic, so that beauty skin has become a long-term need to adhere to the project. The effect will not last long, and regular care and treatment must be adhered to for a long time before the skin can be fundamentally improved.

Many beautiful women do beauty card, always go to go, three days fishing two days of netting, this habit is very bad. To know that the skin has a certain metabolism and self-healing cycle, this cycle can be in line with the beauty project, can effectively serve the skin.

Long-term not fixed to do beauty, can only see the short-term effect of just finished, after two days do not go to the beauty salon, skin problems are back, can not see the long-term effects. Want to be beautiful, the day after day's efforts is key, beauty must remember this.

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