Is The RF Beauty Meter Useful In The End?

- Sep 20, 2019-

Radio frequency (radio frequency, RF) is a high-frequency AC change electromagnetic wave, which sounds like a tall technology far away from us, in fact, it has a wide range of applications in life, the most typical electromagnetic wave is the microwave oven, but used in skin beauty frequency is different from the frequency of microwave oven.

So how does RF work?

In fact, there are some similarities with microwave ovens. We all know that microwave ovens are heated by heating water to heat food, radio frequency beauty technology is also the use of this principle, by making the skin's water molecules shake, friction heat, play the role of heating the skin, resulting in a series of changes in the skin.

When the collagen heat temperature in the skin reaches about 60 degrees, the spiral structure of the collagen fiber changes, immediate contraction will occur, this is the reason why the skin immediately after radio frequency treatment will produce a firm, uplift effect, if you need to be a bridesmaid the next day, or walk the show, then this is the effect we want to achieve, but, The effect is temporary.

Another effect is to activate fibroblasts in the skin, synthesize more collagen, and make collagen arrangement more orderly and tighter, thus reducing wrinkles, improving skin relaxation and other effects, but this takes a long time to accumulate, weeks or even months to see the obvious effect, but the effect is much longer lasting.

What are the RF products?

Currently, RF technology on the market can be divided into two categories according to the arrangement of electrodes: 1, unipolar RF;

Unipolar RF

Unipolar RF is characterized by high energy, heating depth, mainly used in medical beauty equipment, for power, safety considerations (groundpole), can not be used in home equipment, medical beauty of the hot Maggie is a unipolar RF.

Bipolar and multipolar RF

Bipolar and multipolar RF are used more in medical RF dot matrix and RF microneedles, which are the mainstream technology of home RF beauty instruments.

Bipolar RF is the simultaneous placement of both positive and negative electrodes on a therapeutic hand, and the current emitted from the positive pole passes through the skin to the negative pole to form a circuit, which is heated at a depth of about half the distance between the positive and negative poles.

Multi-pole RF refers to having multiple positive and negative electrodes at the same time, forming multiple current loops, although each current circuit does not work at the same time and is essentially a bipolar RF.

The advantage of this is to make the treatment area is larger, multi-polar RF formation of more current circuit, covering a wider area, also than the area of bipolar RF treatment is larger, while the energy is more uniform, at a relatively low power, can obtain enough energy, make the treatment safer and more comfortable.

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