Lasers Are Becoming More Widely Used In The Beauty Industry

- Oct 13, 2019-

The main principle of laser beauty products is the use of beneficial to the human body, through the ability of strong, high absorption rate of human tissue light wave band, the use of weak laser to stimulate biological tissue, while the face of multiple beauty points irradiation, through facial acuity and local skin irradiation, effective stimulation of facial meridian points.

Accelerate blood circulation, improve skin supply state, increase skin tissue nutrition, promote skin metabolism, remove aging shrinking epithelial cells, enhance facial skin bone collagen vitality, promote cell regeneration and sebum glands, sweat gland secretion function, stimulate epidermal endal nerve, promote the synthesis of body metabolism and tissue repair, In order to improve the facial skin tone dark, pigmentation, skin relaxation, wrinkles, eye bags sagging, dark circles, pores large, skin rough, so that the facial skin ruddy luster, elasticity enhancement, delay the aging of the skin, play the effect of beauty.

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1, laser in the beauty industry more and more widely used

Laser is by producing high energy, focusing accurate, with a certain penetration of monochromatic light, acting on human tissue and in the local generation of high heat to achieve the removal or destruction of the target tissue of various wavelengths of pulsed laser can treat a variety of vascular skin diseases and pigmentation, such as tada, bright red spots, freckles, old age spots, Capillary, etc.

As well as to tattoo, eyeliner, eyebrow washing, treatment of scars, etc. , high-energy super-pulse CO2 laser, anti-skin laser wrinkle removal, skin-grinding, treatment of snoring, whitening teeth and so on, has achieved good results, for laser surgery to open up more and more broad areas.

2. Laser surgery has the advantages that traditional surgery can't match

First of all, laser surgery does not require hospitalization, surgery incision is small, no bleeding during surgery, light trauma, no scarring.

For example: the traditional surgical method of eye bag treatment has advantages such as stripping range, more bleeding in surgery, slow postoperative healing, easy to form scarring, and the application of high-energy ultra-pulse DI2 laser instrument to treat the eye bag, it does not bleed, do not need stitching, does not affect normal work, surgery site edema light, recovery fast, no scarring and other advantages, Traditional surgery is incomparable. Some endoscopic surgery, which cannot be performed due to bleeding, can be done by laser cutting instead.

3, laser in the treatment of vascular skin diseases

Excellent use of pulsed dye laser treatment of bright red plaque, the effect is significant, the surrounding tissue damage is small, almost no scarring. Its appearance, became a revolution in the history of the treatment of bright red spot, because the history of the treatment of bright red spot, radiation, freezing, electro-burning, surgery and other methods, the incidence of scarring is high, and often appear pigment loss or composure. This leads to a high degree of destruction of vascular tissue, which is highly accurate and safe, and does not affect the surrounding adjacent tissue.

Therefore, laser treatment capillary dilation is also effective.

In addition, due to the introduction of variable pulse darelaser, so that not satisfied with the removal of tattoos, as well as various types of pigmented skin diseases such as Ota, old age plaque and other treatment has been a major breakthrough.

According to the selective photothermal effect theory, (i.e., lasers of different wavelengths can selectively act on skin damage of different colors), using its powerful instantaneous power, highly concentrated radiation energy and pigment selectivity, very short pulse width, so that the laser energy concentrates on pigment particles, it directly vaporizes, breaks, Excretion through lymphatic tissue, without affecting the surrounding normal tissue, and with its efficacy accurate, safe and reliable, no scarring, pain small and deep lyinthesing.