Learning Legal Knowledge

- Sep 23, 2020-

Learning legal knowledge

2020.9.22,the legal adviser of our company popularized the law to us,

The main contents are as follows:

Right of succession

Legal effect of will


Confidentiality agreement

Matrimonial property

1.unborn fetus has the right of inheritance.(If the fetus is not born, the right of inheritance is invalid)

2.Only the wills written and signed by the parties have legal effect, and the printed wills are invalid.

3.When you write a debit note, you need to clearly state whether you are ready to borrow money or have already borrowed money. It's going to make a big difference.

4.After leaving the company, it is not allowed to disclose the information of the original company to anyone, including technology, customer information, product information, etc.

5.The house that husband and wife repay loan jointly belongs to common property, but different share will be distributed according to repayment amount.

In any case, it is necessary to learn basic legal knowledge.

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