Medical Plasma Pen

- May 04, 2019-

Micro Plasma Despot pen is a skin care tool designed by a French engineer. The use of physical plasma micro-discharge technology, in a few milliseconds of instant gas (carbon) skin bad spots to make it permanently disappear, will not bleed, do not donot, automatic disinfection, do not damage dermal tissue, minimally invasive operation, and beauty salons or hospitals are now used in the carbon dioxide laser beauty machine to remove bad spots on the skin surface, But 100 times more energy efficient than a CARBON dioxide laser beauty machine!!! 100 times smaller!!! With simple operation, easy to carry, safe and reliable, no maintenance, no need for supplies, can effectively remove pigment, elderly spots, warts, monkeys, etc. , and suitable for outdoor work, the small range of wounds to stop the bleeding and infection of minimally invasive treatment.

Plasma pen (2)

How it works:

  Through the chip-controlled low-temperature high-frequency plasma, can instantly produce more than 2000 degrees of temperature on the epidermis of the temperature of its cells to carbide gasification, can completely remove the skin surface layer of bad spots in an instant, because the temperature of 2000 degrees can eliminate all viral bacteria, it has the function of automatic disinfection.

How to do it: 

  1. Through the charger to the tail of the pen to charge the hole for about 3 hours, and then unplug the charger; 2. Check the head into the tip of the tungsten steel needle; 3. Dial the power switch of the de-spot pen to open 1 large or 2 small position, in the tip of the head bit white light will be lit at the same time; 4. The needle tip against the bad spot, press the button; 5. the needle tip further close to the spot can see the spark, pay attention to just on the epidermis around the spot to do scanning to burn, unless the experience of the first time do not burn too deep, so as not to burn to the leather scars; 6. The operator must have medical knowledge, otherwise it must be operated by a professional doctor, for special sensitive moles or spots to be decided by the doctor how to operate; 7. This de-spot pen is suitable for personal skin use, such as multi-person use, the pen needle must be disinfected to the qualified treatment and then use.