Microneedles, And Also You A New World Of Skin Care

- Jun 28, 2019-

Microneedle therapy is an effective non-invasive treatment that improves penetration of skin care product ingredients by opening microchannels in the skin. Or, if you choose the treatment your little sister receives, the so-called medicagen-grade microneedle therapy (collagen-induced therapy), which creates tiny wounds throughout the face that begin to stimulate your collagen regeneration.

Microneedles do work! With regular care, you can have a smooth, healthy, beautiful skin.

Microneedle ingredients have the ability to make cells actually refreshing, it can repair damaged skin, promote metabolism, so even acne pits, uneven face people can also be treated with microneedles, but also you a smooth, delicate skin. Microneedle treatment operation is very simple, it sounds very exciting, with needles into the skin, in fact, it is the need for such stimulation to wake up the skin's self-healing function, so that the skin re-grow.


Microneedles can be divided into household-level microneedles, medical beauty-level microneedles and surgical level microneedles.

The medically american-grade microneedle, also known as collagen-induced therapy, must be between 1 mm and 1.5 mm in length and must be performed by a fully qualified skin care professional using a local anaesthetic gel or cream. After anaesthetic is completed, the needle will pierce the skin, create microtrauma, induce bleeding, and then stimulate the deformation of growth factors to create new collagen. This type of treatment is mainly aimed at treating scars such as acne scars, but is also effective for wrinkles, skin relaxation and stretch marks. Microneedles can also help reduce speckle pigmentation when used with chemical skin changes. This is good news for those preparing for microneedle therapy. For best results, 4 treatments are recommended over 6 weeks.

Surgical-grade microneedles are the most invasive method of collagen induction therapy. This option is only done by a trained beauty doctor and in most cases you will receive local anaesthetic. The needle length reaches 3 mm and you will get a deeper perforation, which is necessary to penetrate the thickened scar tissue. As with medically american-grade microneedles, surgical-grade microneedles induce a series of deformed growth factors, provide new collagen for the skin, reduce the appearance of scar tissue, improve collagen and elastin fiber tissue, and make the skin elastic.