Originally Do Microneedle Is Like This

- Jun 18, 2019-

First stop: Applying the hemp, cleaning 

 Microneedle treatment is the use of roller needles to pierce the skin, will produce a certain pain, so the need for a dosing dressing, and cleaning is to remove skin surface waste, to prevent garbage in the course of treatment into the skin, resulting in adverse consequences. When the dressing is cold and cold, there will be a slight tingling sensation, but not strong, but also very comfortable.

Second stop: microneedle therapy 

 Microneedle beauty plastic is what we often know microneedle in the embryo treatment, through the microneedle roller to break through the skin barrier, a variety of nutrients into the skin depth, while activating the skin's regeneration function, stimulate collagen regeneration this time face wood, can feel something in the face, but there is no pain, or very good fun, as if suddenly closed the senses. From the later photos to see the redness and swelling phenomenon, but no bleeding, think that this is the difference between microneedles and water needles.

Third stop: Crystal membrane 

 The living protein crystal mask contains a variety of cell growth factor all ingredients can penetrate the skin to improve damaged skin tissue, fill cells, can calm the skin, red back repair crystal mask the longer the effect is better, during which the original liquid can be replenished this mask is required to refrigerate, and very fragile, If it wasn't for a professional medical staff, it would have been very easy to break. Because of the relationship between the coating of the drug, I feel the face ice cool is very comfortable, in the period of the mask I added two raw liquid, when the red face, after the crystal membrane is much better, the skin is like drinking milk as moist white.

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