Part Of The Content Instrument For Skin Management

- Sep 16, 2019-

The courses on skin management can be divided into the following categories:

1, moisturizing: this is any skin is suitable, as long as the humidity solved, you can solve more than 60% of the skin problems.

2, repair: skin problems are basically caused by damaged skin barrier function. The symptoms expressed on the skin, that is itching, red, pain, dry, etc. , that to solve these problems, it is necessary to repair the skin barrier.

3, soothing: problematic skin, stimulated, there will be a series of sensitive symptoms. For example, by heat stimulation, the skin will feel hot, hot, then we want to alleviate this symptom, we need to use some soothing products, quicktreatment of this symptom.

4, whitening: whitening has always been a very concern of everyone. Whitening components are also more, whitening how to use? to make the effect better.

First of all, we understand the moisturizing, facial skin lock water content after the age of twenty-five will basically be in a state of inexorable and collagen, hyaluronic acid and so on. In this case. In order to get a better moisturizing and tender skin effect we must start with the skin's missing nutrients. Most skin problems won't occur if the underside is good.

Repair: You can use skin management instruments to clean hair fat, dead skin,, cosmetic residue, etc. Suitable instruments, large bubbles, small bubbles, integrated skin managers and so on. (There are red and black, all kinds of small bubbles, etc.).

Soothing is to calm the skin, such as sunburn, photoelectric surgery, need ice-cold, freeze-dried powder, medical mask, etc. used to repair damaged skin.

There are more whitening ingredients. There are a variety of whitening formula products on the market. You can try out several to determine the right product for their own to do more with less.