The Difference Between Household Epilator And Medical

- Aug 01, 2019-

First of all, many students most concerned about the point is that the home hair removal instrument in the end is not useful? Uncle clearly told everyone is there, generally have through the FDA certification, can achieve the effect of hair removal.

Home hair removal instrument is divided into two kinds, IPL (strong pulsed light) epilator and laser epilating instrument. At present, most of the household hair removal instruments on the market belong to the IPL epilator.

The principle of home hair removal meter is to use laser penetration of the epidermis to reach the hair follicles, the melanin in the follicles absorbs the laser light energy, produces instantaneous high temperatures, burns the hair follicles so that the hair follicles wither into hibernation period, so that hair will not grow for a period of time.

But the sleep period of the hair follicles is also time-limited, so need to partition time to make up, through repeated several times so that most of the hair follicles are into hibernation period, the skin can keep naked!

Now more and more beauty salons and hospitals have to provide professional hair removal services, home hair removal device can be said to be a medical hair removal instrument "convenient version."

First of all, their power is not the same, medical large-scale hair removal machine can generally reach 500-600 watts of power, and our home hair removal meter are 20-30 watts, the power difference is still very large. Because the power is different, the energy between them is also different, the energy is to determine the effect and intensity of hair removal, so the medical epilator hair removal effect will be better and stronger than the home.

But the home hair removal instrument reduces energy, is safer to use than the medical epilator, and can be done at home to complete the hair removal process, do not have to run a special hospital or beauty salon, but also more convenient.

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Mentioned above, household epilator needs to be used repeatedly to achieve a more ideal hair removal effect, how long the frequency of the interval is more reasonable?

Because the energy of the home hair removal instrument is relatively low, so the whole hair removal process is also relatively long, generally the first three months and two weeks to play once, three months later can be played once a month, so that six months down the whole hair removal treatment can basically be completed!