20 Pins 24K Micro Needle Stamp Hydra Derma Stamp Dermaroller

20 Pins 24K Micro Needle Stamp Hydra Derma Stamp Dermaroller

Hydrarollerisamicroneedledevicefordeliveringcosmeceuticalandhairgrowthsolutioninto theskinbyrollingthetiponyourskin.Themicroneedleshavethesamethicknessashairand piercetheskinpainlessly.Thespecialspiralsystemdesignedoneachmicroneedlewhichallows theserumtoflowintotheskinusinglessofyourvaluableserumsandenhancingtheeffects.

Product Details

Manufacture high quality q switch tattoo removal machine, cryolipolysis slimming machine 360, derma stamp pen to meet customer's demand is our final target. We offer competitive solutions without compromising on quality. After years of development, we have established an excellent image and reputation in the industry with our excellent technology and quality. Passion is the source of our forward attitude and strength.

2020 New Design Hydra roller

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1.  Easy and Painless
2.  Self Therapy
3.  Rapid treatment and effects
4.  Very effective delivery of serums
5.  Medical stainless steel with hypoallergenic gold plated microneedles
6.  64 microneedles
7.  Microneedle length is only 0.5mm
8.  Sterilized packaging
9.  Stimulates collagen

Hydrapin roller functions

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hydra roller 150 needles

1.  Tightening of the skin
2.  Hydration

3.  Rejuvenation
4.  Acne scars
5.  Botulinum (Botox or Xeomin)
6.  Fine lines & wrinkles

7.  Reducing pore size

How to use it

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1 . Wash your skin with warm water 2 . Put the essence of the liquid into the applicator vialCarefully screw the top back onto the vial . Gentlyshake the vial 2-3 times 3 . Remove the safety and hygiene cover 4 . Roll on the skin backwards and forwards 4-5 times Move the roller in four directions . Keep the speedand pressure uniform thereby creating more micro vessels

EO Sterilized packaging,It can be used directly !!

hydra roller face care

It is our responsibility to meet customer needs, and we strive to provide customers with mature 20 Pins 24K Micro Needle Stamp Hydra Derma Stamp Dermaroller and technical services with integrity and thoughtfulness. In order to meet the increasing quality demands of the industry, we continue to regularly invest and update equipment. Our powerful demonstration effect has led and driven the development of many enterprises in the industry.
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